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Semantic Space Theory Applies

Constructing of notion space map by sense is a creating of “knowledge map” of that or those field of human’s activity as co-ordinate data base.

There were historical analogies in science, when creating of global data bases developed completely new prospective for researchers. Astronomic tables made by Tiho Brahe helped Iogann Kepler to derive new laws of planets moving; plants systemization data, collected by Carl Linné, were basis of evolution theory of Charles Darwin; data of exact weighs of chemical elements, those physical and chemical properties, collected by Henry Cavendish and Antoine Lavoisier helped Dmitry Mendeleyev to formulate periodical law and create table of elements.

Mentioned examples, by sense are attempts of constructing knowledge map of notion space of separate science fields.

Researching of notion space, development of theory of notion space let society work with information more effectively and free large amount of human resources. Theory of notion space will allow creating common mathematical basis for number of disciplines, like linguistic, semantic, gnoseology, and common approach both for the humanities and technical studies, like information searching.

Main abilities, opening by CSNT, enumerated further.

Technological abilities

Ability to forecasting areas where developments and inventions are necessary most of all will change just the moving of the progress owing to system approach for development of science and technology. Beside that it will increase effectiveness of investments to studies and researches.

Appearing of algorithms, recognizing the sense, will allow to project mathematically transparent systems of artificial intellect, which are close to natural analogues in their parameters. That is to say, constructing of pseudo-rational systems will be possible.

Ability of information searching without any synthetic criteria will let to intrinsically increase the efficiency of knowledge applying, knowledge managing, that will essentially increase the quality of technological, managing and social decisions people make.

CSNT is opening technology, which creates new area of supplements, as in 1980s of XX century the theory of relative data bases opened data base management systems area.

Social abilities

Ability to teach without human participation, with taking into consideration individual special features of person is being taught, will let essentially increase speed and efficiency of teaching, decrease its cost and open an ability of fast and non-chargeable specialists retraining, hat will intrinsically increase mobility of working resources.

An ability of free choice of profession for each individual person, that will expand abilities for self-realization and find yourself in creation.

So, main areas are:


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