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Co-ordinate theory of notion (semantic) space

Dear friends,

The publishing of new (the third) version of co-ordinate theory of semantic (notion) space has already been started.

Basic changes were done in connecting co-ordinate space notions theory with Semantic Web and Web Ontology language approaching.

  • Notions’ space is identified to semantic space for clear explaining and understanding
  • It is shown clearly that notions (as areas in semantic space) correspond to class of objects (not to object themselves), that was supposed earlier as default
  • Entered object approaching for classes (principles of inheritance for signs and functions); ability of using of encapsulation and aggregation principles is studying.
  • Developed a principle of constructing co-ordinate system by sign, function and semantic differential.
  • Investigated a principle of selection semantic orthogonal axis by correlation (by works of Lutsenko E.V.)
  • Finished the structure of co-ordinate semantic data base.

Process of working out and publishing materials is continuing.

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