Cogniversum – Self-cognitive World.

Welcome to the New Era - the era of Intelligent Universe!

What happens when billions of nanosensors will fill the world-pervading, all-knowing network? Or maybe, terahertz (exagertz?) information systems by accident, due to interference open interfaces to allow even more ancient systems of collection, storage, information management - to the noosphere, the biosphere or hydrosphere and lithosphere?

So... As Is...

Universum . One World. One God. Absolute - synonymous with Universum. Ab Solo (from Single). This one of titles Assembly of World. Existing Universum, Absolute - This paradigm framework point of view, in that World was create by one creator, like a big mechanism. From here the relation to nature as mechanism. Absolut - that I have Universum. He, by existing mythology, and created God.

There are already Multiversum Everett - Multivariable, multidimensional universe, where thousands and millions of worlds coexist in the same quantum of each other ... By the way, the Russian word for "VseLonnaya" - "All-houses", is more closer to Everett's interpretation of the Multiverse, than to the classical "universe".

Just as we have been able to give up one of the Earth as the Center of the World, to understand and accept many worlds, and then the Multiverse, we need to take the next step - to the idea of ​​a "unique reasonableness" of man as the crown of creation, to the fact that our minds - the ordinary tool in Intelligent senf-cognitive Universe.

Cogniversum - reasonable, the self-cognitive universe. Noosphere zoom as Metagalaxy. Established universe, the Absolute - is the paradigm, frame worldview, in which the world was created by one Creator, as a great mechanism, even if engaged in self-knowledge Hegelian. Cogniversum - another way of presenting descriptions of the World (the universe), when we perceive him (or her ;) as a reasonable being, as a subject, as Megaperson.

It's like the sand and the processor, as soda and the brain: the materials are the same, and the complexity is incommensurable. Universum - sand, coal to create Cogniversum...

We can say that Cogniversum as philosophy, close to pantheism, animism, concept of the World Soul - Gaia. But Cogniversum - a step further, the awakening of the "World Soul" (Parabrahman, if so understandable) from passive to active participation to introspection and self-knowledge. And scaling, the spread of this process to the entire universe. If so clear - it is the awakening of the Creator, the creativity of the World from sleep or return him from oblivion. Cogniversum - is a world where communication with that same Absolute / Parabrahman as usual, as well as a call to parents. At the price of local calls.

You can set a new goal and "sophia" wisdom - the transition from detached observation supposedly dead, soulless universe to create (or to establish contact with ...) Intelligent Universe. This task earlier engaged only in Theosophy, in its many religions. Alas, we can not say that these goals God became closer to people ... Association "theo-" and "philo-" sophias here is only the first step, which should give rise to a new ideological paradigm of interaction with the game if you want Intelligent Universe. This will change the whole philosophy and science. This is another physics, and mathematics must also another need to explore and understand Cogniversum?
... same the person! And if this woman ???
- Although all attempts to reduce the complexity of the world to anthropomorphism ... But great is repeated in the small, so that anthropomorphism pulls on a working hypothesis ... So, to learn a new universe, and we need a new tool - Cogniversity. Cogniversity - This is NOT a University. University -is to exploring the Universe. The university provide a single point of assembly and teach all customized for her. University reflects the structure of the universe, which is one God, one point of view, one person. Even knowing the world, we inevitably sink in anthropological (ego) centrism - see above.

Cogniversity - is part of the World Intelligent Universe, where the assemblage point is not declared a priori, but is dynamically generated from a particular need. Kogniversitet studies, learns -Play world together with Intelligent Universe and involves in-game knowledge of other people.